Oyster Pond Academy

Welcome Back to School

Dear Families:

Welcome back to school! I am writing for three reasons today, and will aim to be brief as I know there's much on your plates as you prepare for the start of school, just like school staff!

1. Be gentle with yourselves and each other: The start of school can be a stressful time for all of us. Students are often tired, off-schedule and dysregulated. Families are sometimes run ragged, stretched thin and running our of steam. Staff is excited, and also a bit overwhelmed too (and perhaps I am only speaking for myself!). Also, being new to the school, I wish to thank everyone for being patient with me, and for all the support I know I will find from those more familiar with our school.

2. Concerns: For the time being, while I get my bearings, please direct matters of concern to our VP Kelly Hale, who is far more knowledgeable than I at this time. She knows your children, and only has their best interests at heart. We partner together, but will defer to her for the time being, as I do not yet know enough to be appropriately supportive.

3. Curriculum Night/Open House: We are pleased to announce that families are invited to visit us on Tuesday, September 5th from 6:00-7:30. You will report first to your child's class to find their desk and coat hook, deliver school supplies to the teacher (and if you benefit from support with supplies, gently mention this to them and we will assist), and say hello to familiar faces and welcome new ones. Then, everyone will be invited to the gym for introductions and a domino topple display! We are SO looking forward to seeing you all!

Together in Teamwork-
Robin Legge and Your OPA Family

PS Disclaimer: In the busy-ness of the school day, my messages sometimes contain typos, not because my spelling skills are lacking, but rather my typing ones. Thanks for your understanding.